Rab7 Contest Rules 

Rules #1 :

Rab7 points is a points user collect it thru many transaction he make in Rab7 App like 

1- Click on image 

2- Claim earning from merchants 

3- Review stores visits 

Rules #2 :

Rab7 App is giving prize that for user who collect these points to a prize points decided 

Rules #3 :

after user collecting the needed points to the prize he will be in eligibility phase of that prize   

Rules #4 :

when prize period finish the prize will enter the voting phase , where App users make voting for the eligable user who deserves these prize in condition that user is collecting the needed prize , and this voting is picking random user 

Rules #5 :

after voting phase , the app will list the top list of users who get much vote from other and will assign to them the prize and declare that in App for everyone

Rules #6 :

the App will send to the winner of he prize the prize as offers in their offer quota , so they can consume it in Rab7 business partners 

Rules #7 :

the prizes are from Rab7 App only and no others involving in that